School/College Management System

Our company developed that software which help to manage multiple schools/colleges in a single software. This feature allows you to quickly enter your school/college details such as Name, Contact Details, Address Details. etc all these information will be useful while printing fee receipt, placing a purchase order with a supplier. Such as:
Candidate Registration

  • Direct registration by candidates from institute’s official website.
  • Short listing & Rejection of candidature by the administrator.
  • Pre admission Follow up and recording of next dates to follow up the candidates for admissions with necessary alerts. A pre-admission Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) System.

Student Teacher Administration

  • Admission Applications with comprehensive information of Student Applicants. Short listing, Acceptance & Rejection of Applications.
  • I-card Generation- New and Duplicate.
  • Bulk Transfers and Promotions with archive for future reference.
  • Rotation of streams with archive for Medical Colleges.
  • Student Attendance on Period to Period and Class to Class basis. Database designing is very concise to take very big amount of students in a college.
  • Manage staff/student attendance with Bar code, Smart Card, RFID, Bar Code, Biometric Finger Print, Finger Vein, Iris, Palm Vein, facial recognition devices.
  • Certificate issues with auto generated QR code and Student activity records.
  • Flexible Fee Management has been designed to give different fee structures to every student with different payment months and modes.
  • Fee locking in advance for entire tenure of study in the school or receive more than the due amount for settlement in the next semesters/years.
  • Students/parents login created automatically with specific rights. Common login interface for every one.
  • Compatible with Bar code, Smart Card, RFID, Bar Code, Biometric Finger Print, Finger Vein, Iris, Palm Vein, Palm Vein, facial recognition devices.
  • GPRS can be integrated on demand.

Library Administration

  • Entry of new books with Bar Code facility.
  • Issues and Returns of books with Bar Code reader.
  • Comprehensive search of books through various permutation combinations.
  • Late return fine.
  • Library rules and regulations.
  • Library card Generation.

Student Care Management & Examination

  • Excellent Examination Date Sheet building tools & Result Management.
  • Unique Time Table Management.
  • Hostel Management.
  • Transport Management with Bus Stops and timings for the bus to pickup and Drop.

SMS & Email with assignment attachment

  • Integrated with UHF card reader for instant messaging to parents on arrival and departure of students.
  • General SMS & Email to students & staff.
  • SMS to absentees.
  • Auto designed SMS to students with fee overdue.
  • SMS to students & staff with library book over dues.
  • Email to students with attachment of assignments.

Administration Management

  • Payroll Management System.
  • Stores & Inventory Management.
  • Automatic Financial Accounting.
  • Strong Security Administration.
  • Admin controlled rights for different logins.
  • Create any no. of logins each one with different rights

Time Table Management

  • 100% fully automatic time table generation
  • Dynamic No. of period generation.
  • Create your own time table with excellent checks on assignment of classes and teachers.
  • Update Time Table
  • Transport Management
  • Excellent management of timings of bus stops and bus routes according to the Institutional timings.
  • Allotment of bus to the students and managing their Pick and Drop timings and automatic accounting.
  • Allotment of bus to the staff and managing their Pick and Drop timings.
  • Examination Management
  • New Exam. creation with Dates and timings.
  • Allotment of rooms & invigilators.
  • Result entry for all the students appearing for the exams and printing of their Report Cards.


  • Comprehensive reporting system with wild and specific search engines.
  • Comprehensive Crystal reports exportable to MSExcel, PDF, MSWord, RPT & RTF formats.
  • Graphical Bar Chart Pie Chart Line Chart Area Chart 3D Surface Chart 3D Riser Chart representation of reports.

Login panel & user rights

  • Create unlimited users with exclusive users’ rights.
  • Common login panel for all users with different rights, may it be student, teacher, parents, librarian, administrator or accountant etc.
  • Different rights as decided by the administrator are available to every user for utmost security.
  • Multiple schools can be accessed from the common user interface.

Payment Gateway

  • Students/Parents can pay online through Credit/Debit/Cash cards or Internet Banking using IVR system.
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