Alexa Global Softtech provide automotive companies with the expertise and guidance you need to choose, implement, customise, and operate the right software and technologies for your business needs. Automotive diagnostic software allows diagnosis of vehicle electronics control units via OBD2 or similar diagnostic port.

Our company make many software for automobile companies

Manufacturer’s Site: Customers often start at the manufacturer’s site to begin the product research process. When you get leads that trickle in from the manufacturer’s site to your own URL, they are early in the buying cycle and can require months of meaningful follow up. In most cases the leads are free and they need to be leveraged.

Lead Providers: Third party providers have a national presence and can reach people you wouldn’t ordinarily have access to. Just as all dealerships are not created equal, all lead providers are not created equal. What’s great about the web is that everything is measurable and it’s a piece of cake to track and measure your cost per sale so you can determine which ones are better than others. Lead aggregators make that process even easier today and can save your staff valuable time by providing complete information needed to set an appointment.

Dealership’s Own Web site: In addition to creating sales leads, the goal of the Web site is to market the whole dealership. Step one is to help sell a car today, but step two is to promote all the other profit centers (service, parts, subprime, etc.) and to become a marketing center, rather than an information source. As a result, three different types of traffic will be created: Internet, phone and showro and herein lies the link to CRM.

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