Real Estate

Our team developed software for real estate agents. By help of software Real Estate Agents to manage their list of customers, properties and other agent. To keep track of no of sale made via them. This product maintains a record of their customers, property under them, and other agent who work with them. Agents can store the property as per their origin e.g if a property is coming through a new customer then the agent can link that property to that customer same in the case of agent.

This software package is designed to let agents and managers deal with the contract side of the business. It makes it easier to generate for sale contracts by providing templates that agents can modify to suit their own styles. Real estate legal contracts are typically long and complex. Using such real estate management software stream lines the whole process and makes it easier for agents to complete transaction. By the help of this software we find great benefits:

Manage clients and properties from one place

Consolidate all properties and map it to the respective owners. Create tasks for important checklist items such as scheduling calls or sending documents that were discussed. Simply click on the particular property to view all activity and interaction that was done for it.

Save time with automation.

Automate follow-ups. Identify uncontacted leads and prioritize prospects based on the size of their requirements. Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on work that really needs your attention.

Manage your territory on the go.

Get your live feeds, email notifications, lead information and more on your mobile. Map your location to keep track of your listings. You can also geo tag locations with properties that you are interested in visiting later.

Manage Transaction

By the help of this we manage customer’s transaction. By this our transaction will be easy. and automatic slip generated of transaction.

Make every Enquiry count

Track follow ups & site-visits seamlessly

Manage multiple employees across teams

Setup access and view rights for different teams and employees

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