Sales Hierarchy Reporting System

Alexa Global Softtech Pvt Ltd develop software that automates the accounting and administration of commissions and incentive plans. Employee role, tenure, sale type, location and other custom attributes often determine compensation and these rule-based programs carry out computations at the report of the sale.
Sales Hierarchy Software Features

  • Connect everyone in your office to one shared database.
  • Store any number of real estate records in your database.
  • Store any number of images for each property (most image types supported).
  • Search, sort, group and export your real estate properties and contacts.
  • Generate and publish your listings to your own website (with your own web host).
  • Customize the categories, search engine and design of your web listings.
  • Customize layouts for brochures and all other printed materials with the integrated report editor.
  • Print flyers, brochures, catalogs, reports, letters and invoices.
  • Match customer enquiries to properties and properties to enquiries quickly and easily.
  • Respond to enquiries with customized listings by email or by postal mail.
  • Save flyers, letters, brochures and other reports as PDFs (Acrobat Reader Format).
  • Email flyers, letters, brochures and other reports as PDF attachments to any contact.
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